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Media placements

Business press

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Wants to Go Big on Subscriptions and Software

HPE Sustainability Helps Grow $240M in new revenue

Emerging tech

Wall Street Journal
Blockchain, AI Combine to Make an Internet of Smarter Things

The Verge
A supercomputer on the ISS will soon be open for science experiments

Reuters TV
A rare look at a supercomputer in space

HPE and NASA make supercomputer on ISS available for experiments

The ISS Has a Supercomputer! Never Mind the Fried Disks

Artificial intelligence

The Verge
Baidu launches medical chatbot to help Chinese doctors diagnose patients

Yahoo / Digital Trends
Baidu’s TypeTalk app uses artificial intelligence to power voice transcription

Fast Company
Baidu Says Its New Face Recognition Tech Is Better Than Humans At Checking IDs

How China's biggest search engine aims to fix a huge crisis in health care: A bot

Forget IDs. You only need a selfie to enter this tourist destination

New Scientist
Chinese tourist town uses face recognition as an entry pass

Baidu Made a Bot to Help You When You're Sick

Future of work / enterprise collaboration

Atlassian launches Stride, the latest would-be Slack killer

Atlassian launches Stride, aims to curb 'over-collaboration,' noise in team communication

Atlassian launches Stride, its Slack competitor

How remote work can make your small company global

Atlassian Says It's Going All-In With Amazon Cloud

Trello goes to Japan as it pushes for global growth under Atlassian

Deal of the Week: Culture Matters | Buying a company is like making a relationship work.

Why Workplace Instant Messaging is Hot Again

Cheddar TV
Collaboration from Your Couch: The Future of Work

How productivity app Trello became a $425 million company

Here's how Trello sets its remote workers up for success

Business Journals
How to keep your remote workforce engaged

8 great small business productivity and collaboration apps

Business News Daily
Want to Create a Fully Remote Team? What Leaders Need to Know

Developer tech / APIs / open source

The New Stack
The New Stack Makers: Dreamhost Co-Founder Sage Weil on Ceph, The New Storage and Getting Back to Open Source

Out in the Open: A Free Platform for Building Gear on the Internet of Things

Why the Chief Digital Officer Role Is on the Rise

IT is Where Digital and Physical Retail Products Converge

The internet of things is a developer nightmare … and opportunity

Digital Transformation Doesn't Have To Disrupt--Walgreens Shows How

Rush to enable enterprise mobile development pits native against container approaches

Appmethod lets you code native Android, iOS and desktop apps simultaneously (hands-on)

Hey, IT! Flex, adapt, and become an agile 'App Master'

Programmable Web
Olympics Are Now a Global API Event

Inktank Deepens Ceph Ecosystem With Latest Release

Make Mobile Apps Stickier with UserVoice's Updated Customer Support


International Business Times
BlaBlaCar: When Will Real Ridesharing Come To The US?

How your next navigation app could reduce your chances of a car crash

Predictions 2018: Cars Steal Mobility Innovation Thunder from Smartphones

TU Automotive
Weekly Brief: Audi takes V2I mainstream in Las Vegas


Now Girl Scouts can earn badges for cybersecurity skills

This video game teaches Girl Scouts online safety

Top apps for smoother road trips

The Independent
Syria Crisis: What you need to know

A Brit abroad: One UK developer shares his hopes for WWDC

Cheap Friendsgiving 2017 Party Ideas That Are Still Creative & Classy

Android Guys
10 essential apps for Android to help you celebrate Thanksgiving


Dark Reading
DNS a 'Victim of its Own Success'

26% of Orgs Would Pay Ransomware After Healthcare Cyberattack

Four Big Cyber Risks Facing CMOs this Holiday Season

Network World
Beyond being a network of online, connected, smart devices, the internet of things it can be a nightmare for IT

Private market growing for zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities

AWS Insider
ForeScout Adds AWS Support to IoT Security Platform

IT Business Edge
Infoblox Employs Virtual DNS Appliances to Help Combat DDoS

Where the industrial IoT vulnerabilities lurk in your plant

Thought leadership

 Below are marquee bylines I crafted, wrote and placed on behalf of executives for thought leadership.

Looking beyond the Internet of things hype: Here’s what’s in store

Wall Street Journal
Alex Buttle: Forget About Billboards — Go Digital

The Growing Power of Digital Ecosystems

The Hill
Why we should let our walls down when it comes to cybersecurity

What Being a Fan of Everything From Kaskade to Taylor Swift to Phish Taught Me About Leadership

The New Stack
One Standard to Rule Them All: A Common Language for the Cloud’s Identity Management Crisis

Amazon's new office should be remote

Operation Save Jack work

In January 2012, my friend Jack was told that he would need a bone marrow transplant in order to survive his leukemia. Typically, the chances of finding a match are 1 in 20,000, but as a Chinese-American, Jack's odds were even lower since very few Asian-Americans are in the U.S. registry. Even his fraternal twin brother was not a match. I coordinated the PR effort for Jack to drive attendance to bone marrow donation registration drives, creating a press kit and driving awareness via social media, media outreach and community outreach.

Results included record attendance at drives in Cupertino, including one drive with over 200 attendees registering to donate bone marrow (typically drives receive just around 20); over 350 people registering to donate bone marrow via drives and mail-in cheek swabs; retweets by influencers, including California Senator Leland Yee; and over 20 media placements in the span of two months, including San Jose Mercury News, SF Weekly, Cupertino Courier and key Asian-American publications AsianWeek, Hyphen Magazine and Pacific Citizen. In April, Jack beat the odds and found a 9/10 match.

Save Jack press kit [PDF]

Monta Vista Grad Needs a Bone Marrow Match
January 31, 2012

Cupertino Courier
Monta Vista graduate, 23, needs bone marrow transplant to survive
February 2, 2012

The Daily Californian
How to save a life
February 2, 2012

San Jose Mercury News
Family seeks bone marrow donor for son
February 7, 2012

Finding a Bone Marrow Match for Jack Chin
February 7, 2012

Yahoo Voices
Save a Life: Ethnic Bone Marrow Donors in Short Supply
February 7, 2012

Cupertino Courier
Cupertino: Monta Vista High rallies to save one of its former students
February 8, 2012

Operation Save Jack Underway
February 13, 2012

Help Find a Bone Marrow Donor for Jack Chin
February 8, 2012

El Estoque
Staff, administrators, AADP to hold donor registry on Feb. 10
February 8, 2012

El Estoque
Community gathers to register for bone marrow drive
February 10, 2012

Huge Turnout for Jack Chin Bone Marrow Donor Drive
February 14, 2012

Cupertino Courier
Cupertino: Monta Vista High rallies to host donor drive for former student
February 15, 2012

Pacific Citizen
Searching for the Perfect Match for Asian American Leukemia Patients
February 17, 2012

Party for a Cause – Save Jack from Leukemia!
March 2, 2012

Hyphen Magazine
The Hyphenite's Social Calendar: The Town Spectacle, Crossing Canal
March 7, 2012

SF Weekly
Jack Chin, Bay Area Man with Cancer, Hopes to Find Bone Marrow Match at S.F. Party
March 8, 2012

2 Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drives for Jack Chin in SF on Saturday
March 9, 2012

El Estoque
You don't know Jack
March 12, 2012

Silicon Valley Community Newspapers
Cupertino shorts: 'Cure Cancer Cafe' returns on March 24
March 22, 2012

Tickets are Still For Sale For Octagon Club's Cure Cancer Cafe Dinner on Saturday

March 23, 2012

El Estoque
Alumnus Jack Chin finds donor match after fourth month search
May 2, 2012

Cupertino Courier
Cupertino: Monta Vista High alum receives match for bone marrow transplant
May 31, 2012

San Jose Mercury News
Lengthy recovery begins
June 2, 2012

Press releases

Aerohive Launches Mobility Suite
Product launch release written for enterprise Wi-Fi provider Aerohive

Red Hat Adds Sophisticated Tiering and Data Protection Features to Its Industry-leading Storage Platform for OpenStack
Product launch press release written for software-defined storage company Inktank shortly after its acquisition by Red Hat

Aerohive Enables Accelerated Adoption of 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi
Product launch release written for enterprise Wi-Fi provider Aerohive

RackWare Announces New Funding and Demonstrates Continued Demand for Its Cloud Management Technology
Funding and corporate momentum announcemen written for cloud management company RackWare

Aerohive Finishes 2013 with Strong Customer Growth and Product Innovation, Strategic Partnerships and Prestigious Award Win
Corporate momentum press release written for enterprise Wi-Fi provider Aerohive

RackWare Brings Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery for Physical and Virtual Workloads
Product launch release written for cloud management company RackWare

Aerohive Networks Appoints Seasoned Engineering Leader to Drive Innovation of Cloud-Based Mobility Platform
Executive team expansion press release written for enterprise Wi-Fi provider Aerohive

Inktank Updates Enterprise Product and Adds Further Support for Red Hat Ecosystem
Product update press release written for software-defined storage company Inktank


Press materials

Aulani Brochure
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